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R.I.P. Bonehead   
07:31pm 13/02/2010

He wil be missed.Collapse )
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Face your manga   
10:01am 14/08/2008

Everyone else is doing it.
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09:49pm 03/07/2008

Goddamn, this game looks better then most actual anime... I'm so looking forward to the day that something other Naruto, which I have no interest in(mostly because I don't want to get into something that might result in me wearing on of those headband things around town) gets similiar treatment...

C'mon Avatar game that looks this awesome and is super-fun!
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It's called the Rainbow Road   
06:46pm 02/07/2008
I'm excited about Batman!   
06:44pm 02/07/2008
  And in anticipation... BEHOLD!

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They need blood and you've got more than enough!   
02:30pm 01/06/2008

Hello friends, Mark here. Walking around Franklin and Highland today, my fiance noticed a large glob of dried blood on the street. Click to biggify, if you dare.

Is it at all odd that the the least violent situations we can imagine resulting in a dollop of plasma so whopping splattering all over the pavement are also the most nauseating? It's not like there was a trail of spots leading up to or away from the larger puddle, which to me, rules out any injury... right?

In any case, visit Southern California Red Cross some time and find a better place to deposit your spare bodily fluids than all over the sidewalk.
02:24pm 01/06/2008

Hello friends! Walking down Hollywood on our way to the Farmer's Market we noticed quite the hubbub by the Chinese Theater.

Judging by the size of the premiere, Dreamworks is counting on Kung Fun Panda to be a huge release this summer. We've heard good things and are both big fans of Jack Black. So, it's a good sign of faith to see the studio sink this much money into the opening.

They are still setting the things up, so if you are anywhere near the area, you can go see the giant display and probably get a gander at some celebs with their kids. Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian Mcshane, Seth Rogan, Lucy Liu, David Cross... sheesh, don't they hire actual voice actors for these pictures anymore?

Click here for some more pics you can click to biggifyCollapse )
R.I.P. Guitar Hero   
10:39pm 28/05/2008
  I haven't been this embarrassed to be a fan of something since those, "Yo-da man!" commercials...

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Dharma issue food night   
10:18pm 28/05/2008

Hello friends! Tomorrow night is the season finale for the fourth season of the mind-f***ingly awesome show, LOST!

We love the show so much, that all of our friends get together and watch it every Thursday. Those that can't make it to the gathering often wind up participating in the discussion via text message or Skype. Yes, we are all just that nerdy.

This season, we've been getting together for LOST night at Mark's place and he has been supplying Dharma issue foodstuffs whenever he had some extra time or we heard beforehand that it would be a special episode. We know for sure that we're not the only people doing this, so here's our entry into the community of LOST-themed fun times!

Click here to see the different foods and some helpful tips to have your own LOST partyCollapse )
10:17am 28/05/2008
  So, Tugboat(Beata) and I got engaged...

No big rush for the wedding... maybe in a year or so. To celebrate, we went to Disneyland with our friends Steve and Sara. Ate at Napa Rose and I scored my BEST SCORE EVER on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. 571,600 without the ride stopping once or using the secret targets.
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A monster speaks his mind... (NFSW)   
11:49pm 25/05/2008

originally posted here.
Pickles and BATMAN!!!   
12:19am 18/05/2008
  My buddy Steve and I posted some video blogs.

Check out one of them here and the other one here!
Johnny 5 is ALIVE!   
12:03pm 15/05/2008

Hello friends! In a previous post, we broke the news that Pixar is re-making the 1986 screwball, robo-comedy hit, Short Circuit.

Not only are they making a movie about Johnny 5 in the future, called Wall-E, the wizards at Pixar have a taken a cue from Short Circuit 2 and are actually producing little Johnny 5s to explore the Los Angeles sidewalks!

Click the picture for the video, courtesy of io9.com!

We here at the Mark and Steve Foundation applaud Pixar's efforts to stay so true to the franchise while totally reinventing it for the next generation!
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Is your child the infamous "El Barto"?   
01:38am 07/05/2008

Hello friends! Do you often wake up screaming in the middle of the night? Are you plagued by nightmares that your sweet, innocent pre-teen or teen-teen son or daughter might be out there somewhere practicing their golf swing, strangling animals or (gasp) tagging?!

The sad fact is, they are probably out their doing at least two of those things right now! But how can you tell if they're committing these heinous acts against society and at the same time avoid open communication with your loved ones? Impossible, you say? Not anymore!

The city of Santa Ana has drawn up a handy illustration (click to biggify) and written up a thorough profile of the typical tagger. Be on the lookout! Keep a watchful eye on the size of your child markers, the pages of their graffiti-practice sketchbooks they stuff into their "art supply" laden backpack and the content of their stencils. These are all items that most children never leave the house without, but some of them are combing them into crime!

Be vigilant! Stop your child before they expresses themselves without permission!
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So, about the Doctor Who game...   
10:27am 06/05/2008
  ... it's a crappy card game, sigh.

"Top Trumps" is a popular card game in the UK. It's statistics based, and you win by collecting the other's players cards.


So yeah, this'll probably only come out in Europe, tank, and we'll never get a proper adventure game in which we get design our own companion avatar and run around helping the Doctor pink-belly Daleks and trip up Cybermen.

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"FUN"-goria’s Weekend of Horrors! (Part 3)   
12:52pm 05/05/2008
  Hello, friends! In part 1, and 2, of our report on Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors!, we captured celebrity images, met Joe Dante, fought bugs and braved the wormhole that would ultimately bridge the inter-dimensional rift that separates the L.A. from the O.C.

When you last left your heroes, they were about to embark on a honey-soaked nightmare through the Hundred Acre Wood!

Click here the stunning finale!
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03:24am 03/05/2008

Hello friends! We just got back from seeing Iron Man at the spectacular Cineramadome, and boy was it ever! Aside from a lackluster score, it's easily the best superhero origin movie yet and we highly recommend you hope out to your local movie house and support Marvel Studio's outstanding entre into the movie business.

It was also fun to see a true Los Angeles-based superhero on screen. Flying around the Santa Monica Pier and attending parties at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Though, his awesome residence in Malibu is just too cool to actually exist and would no doubt be a world-famous architectural landmark if it did indeed sit atop that hill overlooking the ocean.

For more pictures and impressions, click here!
...and that's why you see a movie at midnight at the Cineramadome, my friends...   
02:55am 02/05/2008
  Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau introduced the film, awesome.

Maybe the best origin superhero movie ever... missing an iconic score though, oh well. It was a teeny bit overlong, but maybe I won't mind that as much tomorrow, when I see it again... or on Saturday, when I see it double-again.

Stay for the credits! Also, watch for the name William Olsen, he's my pal!
"FUN"-goria’s Weekend of Horrors! (Part 2)   
04:37pm 01/05/2008
  Hello friends! In Part 1 of our Fangoria Weekend of Horrors! adventure, we waded through enormous crowds, recycled wisely and saw at least enough cult icons to play four-on-four on a half-court.

Just as our ongoing expedition up the mountain of good times was about to reach it's peak, we caught a snag that sent us plummeting hard and fast, matched only by the graceful nose-dive Mr. William Shatner performed in the opening scene of Star Trek V.

Read on to see the true horror revealed and limits Mark and Steve are prepared to test in their ceaseless pursuance of a truly magnificent Sunday.

Warning, do not click if bugs, sudden changes in scenery or grown men holding hands terrify you.

more Click here for the exciting continuation of our gripping 3 part adventure!
"FUN"-goria’s Weekend of Horrors! (Part 1)   
10:49am 30/04/2008

Hello friends! We went to the "World Famous" Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors on Sunday, and boy oh boy, did it ever fulfill all the minimum requirements to be considered a convention.

Let it never be said that we are not fully committed to pursuing fun and adventure, and to entertain our humor hungry readers! So we decided on a "gentleman's agreement" that today would be the most epic quest of our lives... And that we would blog about it.

For those of you with weak stomachs and a sensitivity to extreme fright, do not click for more!

But, please do click for more, it's really not that bad. Unless you're deathly afraid of wide open spaces, cult icons, and the sight of four or less people gathered in a group...

Click here for the rest!
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